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In addition to our extensive wine list we have put together an comprehensive list of carefully selected liqueurs, spirits, beers and soft drinks for you to enjoy here at The Wine Room City.


Absolut £3.50
Chase Marmalade £4.50
Grey Goose £4.80


Laphroaig 10 Year £4.60
Johnnie Walker 10 Year £4.60
Jack Daniels £3.80
Woodford Reserve £4.00
Auchentoshan 12 Year £4.60


Martell Cordon Bleu £9.00
Courvoisier £4.00


Dead Man’s Fingers All £4.00
Banana, Spiced, Coconut, Hazelnut, Mango, Passion Fruit, Lime, Coffee, Raspberry

Havana 3 Year Old £3.80
Havana 7 Year Old £4.50
Pampero £3.80
Don Papa £4.50
Kraken £4.00


Blue Monkey Chocolate & Amaretto £3.80
Grand Marnier LBV £4.00
Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur £4.00
Luxardo Sambuca £4.00
Cointreau £4.00
Limoncello £4.00


Blue Monkey 500ml Bottles All £5.00
BG Sips, Guerrilla, Marmoset, Infinity, Infinity Plus 1, 2.8 Ape, Primate Best Bitter

Bottled Lagers

Corona £3.80
Peroni £5.00
Peroni (gluten free) £5.00
Heineken 0% £3.70

Bottled Ciders All £5.50

Annings Crushed Mixed Berries
Annings Strawberry & Lime
Annings Pink Grapefruit & Pineapple

Jack Ratt Sparkling Medium Sweet
Jack Ratt Vintage Dry West Country


Agnes Arbour Pineapple £5.00
The flavours of pineapple and mango are added post distillation. A rich and totally tropical gin with freshly cut pineapple and a hint of mango on the nose. The palate delivers big pineapple flavour where the tropical fruits are ever present but beautifully balanced with the crisp freshness of the citrus-led-core gin.

Bombay Sapphire £4.00
Sapphire distilled London Dry Gin. Bombay Sapphire Gin is created through a unique vapour-infusion process. Ten precious botanicals are brought together to create a gin with a complex, yet perfectly balanced flavour profile.

Hendricks £5.00
A blend of two spirits with an addition of unique botanical infusions. Subtle hints of cucumber, rose petal, coriander, juniper & citrus.

GIN Cont’d

Larios Ginebra Mediterranea £3.80
Produced to the London Dry Gin recipe using natural ingredients such as juniper berries, coriander and orange peel. Undergoes double distillation in traditional alembics. Characterised by clarity, fresh aromas and delicate citrusy flavours.

Larios Rose Mediterranea £4.00
This new release from the Larios team is their original gin infused with strawberries for an even more refreshing gin carrying on the legacy of the Larios name since the 19th century. This gin is fresh, fruity and jam packed with strawberries supported with citrus and soft juniper. Great served as a long drink or with a premium Franklin Tonic to gain a little more depth.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb £4.50
Spice and citrus with underlying juniper notes. A beautifully soft and smooth gin with a lingering rhubarb complexity. Recommended mixer: Ginger Ale


London Dry £4.50
Our classic traditional London Dry is a delightfully complex handcrafted gin, distilled with eleven botanicals sourced from around the world. This smooth, easy drinking gin is best served over loads of ice, with a slice of citrus fruit and plenty of chilled tonic for a long refreshing drink. Recommended Mixer: Franklin Tonic

Blue to Violet £4.50
Based on our classic London Dry but with the addition of the natural extract from the Indian Pea flower to create an inky blue gin which magically changes colour to a subtle violet on the addition of tonic.  Experience a hint of Parma Violet and Lavender in taste and aroma.  Best served with lots of ice and the tonic of your choice. Recommended Mixer: Franklin Elderflower

Rhubarb & Custard £4.50
An evocative creation.  Based on our classic London Dry, this gorgeous gin is infused with handpicked Yorkshire rhubarb and enhanced with vanilla to give a combination of flavours that remind us of childhood days, rhubarb and custard pudding and those red and yellow boiled sweets (you can still buy them!)  Enjoy with tonic or lemonade with lots of ice.Recommended Mixer: Franklin Ginger Ale or Elderflower

Mango & Passionfruit £4.50
Based on our classic London Dry, the infusion of exotic mango and passionfruit gives a fun fruity gin.  Best served with lots of ice and tonic or lemonade.  A drink to take your thoughts to a warm faraway place. Recommended Mixer: Franklin Tonic


Salted Caramel £4.50
A modern vibrant creation based on our traditional handcrafted London Dry gin, with the addition of creamy caramel and just a hint of sea salt.  This amazing combination gives a gin, best enjoyed straight, over ice or with tonic or lemonade. Recommended Mixer: Franklin Ginger Ale or Lemonade

Seville Orange £4.50
Our handcrafted London Dry Gin distilled with Spanish Seville Oranges to create a wonderful orange gin. Pour over lots of ice and serve with a Mediterranean tonic and a twist off orange for the ultimate G & T. Recommended Mixer: Franklin Tonic

Summer Berries £4.50
Our classic London Dry with a rich infusion of summer berries to create a gin to be enjoyed on those lazy, hazy days of summer or on a wet Sunday afternoon when you need a reminder of warm sunny days.  Best served with loads of ice and tonic, or lemonade for a long refreshing drink. Recommended Mixer: Franklin Lemonade


Seedlip Grove 42 Citrus £4.00
Spice & citrus with underlying juniper notes. A beautifully soft & smooth gin with a lingering rhubarb complexity. Recommended Mixer: Franklin Ginger Ale

Seedlip Garden 108 Herbal £4.00
This is a herbaceous gin flavoured spirit with grassy and root flavours within alongside some subtle notes of rosemary.

Warners Pink Berry £4.00
Fruity, fragrant & tangy, combining raspberries and blackcurrant sage, with a kick from chilli, ginger and Szechuan pepper.


With Fizz
Fizz Mojito £11.50
White rum, fresh mint leaves, lime juice, Angustura bitters & sugar topped with Champagne.

The Classic £11.50
Brown sugar, Angustura bitters, Cognac & Champagne.

Sloe Royales £9.50
Sloe Gin topped with our Champagne.

Aperol Spritz £8.50
Aperol and Prosecco topped off with sparkling water.

Mimosa £8.50
Our Prosecco finished with fresh orange juice.

Pornstar Martini £8.50
Vodka, vanilla & passion fruit.

Espresso Martini £8.50
Vodka, espresso coffee.

Strawberry Daquiri £8.50
Rum, strawberry & lime.

English Garden £8.50
Gin, elderflower, apple & lime.

Drinks Menu The Wine Room City

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Drinks Menu The Wine Room City

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Drinks Menu The Wine Room City

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